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Computers cleaned by Techclean

Screens, phones, mice, keyboards, printers, laptops, peripherals - desktop IT cleaning

Server room cleaning service and specialist IT cleaning in London and Surrey
Server Room Cleaning

Server racks, data centres, comms rooms, floor voids - ISO 9001 accredited cleaning for sensitive IT

Techclean are specialists in cleaning I.T.
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Reduce E-waste

Makes your I.T. as new

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TechClean London SW clean computers in London and Surrey and surrounding areas. We come to you and clean everything in situ in your office.

Office computer cleaning services are usually required about twice a year. If your office is very busy then it may get dirty quicker.

You can keep your desktop I.T. for years, it will all work for 20 years if you clean it a few times a year. We can do that if your staff don't want to.

If you make your I.T. last 4 years instead of 3, you have reduced your I.T. costs by a quarter over time.

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