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Techclean London South West offer specialist computer deep cleaning services to customers around Central and South West London & Surrey including Richmond, Westminster, Clapham, Chertsey, Weybridge, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Epsom and Wimbledon.

We are ISO 9001 quality accredited and have safe contractor status. We are also a Living Wage Company.

Started in 1983, Techclean only cleans tech. Liquids are not safe around electricity and your hardware is crucial for your staff to be able to do their work. Techclean is a safe pair of hands with experienced, skilled workers trained to clean PCs and telephones and IT.

Laptop with glasses on. We clean a lot of laptops to make them like new for comanies in Surrey and London

We work quietly and discretely in offices to make PCs hygienic for staff. Desktops are nicer to use and healthier too. It also increases their lifespan which means reduced e-waste and cost savings for you.

Working in offices in Kingston, Guildford, Wimbledon, Westminster, Staines, Weybridge, Teddington and the surrounding area. This was an office we worked in

Desktop computer equipment cleaning doesn't need doing every week, but when the dirt builds and you want them spotless again the team at Techclean London South West are equipped to help. We clean screens, keyboards, phones, mice, laptops as well as your peripheral electronics like your docking stations, printers and scanners.


We recommend a minimum of twice a year for a deep clean, once a month is ideal but it depends on how busy your office is, whether people eat at desks and personal habits. Hard workers usually make dirtier offices so be proud of the dirt - it shows blood, sweat and tears on the part of your staff. No-one keeps their PC properly clean with antibac wipes and a dust each day after 6 months without a deep clean. Just as even the cleanest people have to deep clean their fridge or oven after a while. Techclean love tech and want to keep your PCs working smoothly for as long as possible. Keyboards and mice can last years with the right care, saving you money, downtime and hassle as well as reducing staff sickness.

Modern offices use Techclean

We work for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Large open plan offices can harbour bacteria, moulds and fungi, while call centres can be breeding grounds for germs. Shared hot desks are never as well cared for as designated desks and your staff are too busy working to worry about cleaning electronics. Likely they only have time for a quick wipe over. Our specialist PC cleaning equipment and fully trained staff can thoroughly clean these locations, leaving them completely clean, rather than just looking clean.


Hard working offices get dirty. They just do. Want to see some before and afters and some office tech we have cleaned before we cleaned it? Every one of these PCs looked pristine when we finished and as good as new.


Keeping your keyboards and phones clean means they last longer and reduce your waste. You don't need to throw them away after two years so the plastic ends up in the ocean. Keep them clean, they'll last for years and years saving you money and the planet for everyone. Click here to learn more about e-waste.

London and Surrey offices. Example of an office we clean in in London

Streptococcus, staphylococcus, influenza, norovirus (and now coronavirus) – just some of the many bugs that proliferate in and on our keyboards, handsets and headsets. A deep clean three or four times a year is recommended, though with current risks you may want more. Call us as and when you need us.

Bank of PCs cleaned in situ by our IT cleaning team

Techclean work in offices and schools and have branches nationally. London SW covers the London and Surrey area.

Our methods and cleaning fluids have been thoroughly tested on PCs, Macs and laptops and we are proud to say we have never had a claim for damage on our insurance. Our insurance is specifically to cover handling expensive IT kit and is suitably expensive for the risk.

Your computer has been cleaned by Techclean

We use cleaning fluids that are safe for all PCs, Macs and electronics. Our processes are regularly audited to ISO 9001 standards to ensure the highest quality of work.

Specialist computer cleaning fluids used to clean IT

Our staff are specifically trained to clean tech and we are a Living Wage company.


No-one likes to be without their laptop for long. We can clean at any time, overnight, over a weekend or provide a "While You Wait" laptop cleaning service in office hours.


For staff that means they can be without the laptop for minutes and be within sight of the laptop at all times if they are worried about security. Our friendly staff speak English and can accommodate any requests. Socially distanced arrangements can be made at your office. A timetable can be arranged with prior booking or a more impromptu cleaning service. Or we can clean the laptops overnight at your office on a designated day if that is preferred.

When staff leave or are made redundant, we can deep clean laptops and IT kit to be free from germs and as new to be used by the next member of staff quickly and safely.

Laptop cleaning services from Tech clean
Safe Contractor logo

We are ISO 9001 accredited, a government system of checking quality. We are audited annually and have to achieve high standards.

We also have Safe Contractor status.

ISO 9001 accreditation logo
Office computers cleaned by Techclean London SW

“It is really satisfying to see the results of a computer clean. It is hard work but I love it. People are always grateful and impressed. We get thanked all day long and the results are obvious to see afterward. It is nice to help people in this way, making things healthier and more pleasant to use, but also helping the environment by keeping equipment going longer too.”

– Sally Findlay, Head of London South West

Before and after keyboard cleaning. This is a clean keyboard

Show Me The Dirt

Want to see what we see? Here are some typical before and afters of our hard working customers.

Cleaning IT makes it last longer reducing waste and saving the planet

Save The Planet

Cleaning makes your IT last longer, reducing waste and helping the environment

Byoclean guarantees office is germ and virus free for 30 days

30 Day Guarantee

Byoclean continues to kill viruses and germs after we leave for up to 30 days

For offices, call centres and schools

Talk to us today and we’ll develop a deep clean solution tailored exclusively to your business.

Hygiene in offices from techclean. Bank of computers cleaned by Techclean London and Surrey

Our processes kill all bacteria and viruses. Our Byoclean option offers additional protection Byoclean is scientifically tested, certified and guaranteed to kill all germs and viruses for 30 days after cleaning for extra protection.

Byoclean Antibac 30 day cleaning guarantee for PCs and electronics

Ideal for dealing with outbreaks of norovirus, colds and flu as well as coronavirus. This keeps killing it on your keyboards and mice and screens after we have gone for 30 days.

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Techclean London and Surrey team at work cleaning computers

Techclean IT cleaning team wear uniform including reuseable facemasks to reduce waste.

We are proud to clean your PCs for you, for your health and safety as well as to make a pleasant working environment during your working day.

We are a Living Wage employer which means all our staff are paid above the Living Wage for London which is higher than outside London.

Staff are fully trained to clean PCs and are experienced in this sometimes delicate work, we do not hire temps or contractors.

I was very happy with the service provided. Sally Findlay was very thorough with her cleaning and the team were happy with the result. I would recommend the service.


Yes your staff can clean their hand sets themselves but in reality we know some won't do it at all, many won't do it well, occasionally they may break a headset and ideally they shouldn't be spending their time cleaning and should be working. A proper clean a few times a year will get it all spick and span again.

Telephone cleaning service for offices and businesses and schools

Whether it is headset cleaning for handover to new staff or telephone cleaning for existing staff, cleaning phones professionally is nice for your staff and shows you care and can give a little boost to morale, as well as reducing staff sickness by 20%.

Headset cleaning for offices
ATP swab testing for germs and viruses in offices

ATP Testing

Testing surfaces for germs using swabs. Results in 30 seconds. Check your office hygiene.

Dry misting to kill germs in offices and businesses and schools.

Dry Misting

Dry misting kills all germs and viruses dead. Fast.

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