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Dirty keyboards and PCs are the result of hard working staff. Like your kitchen, which only stays clean if you don't cook in it, your desks should get dirty because they should be used and your staff want to focus on their work and not clearing up after themselves. So there is no shame in these - although they did perhaps leave it a bit too long before calling us in.

So, if you want to see what we see, here are photos taken over the last couple of years. This is way more common than you would think.

Every one of these PCs and telephones looks like new when we had finished, ready to last a good few years more.

Hooray for long lasting plastic. Twice a year minimum will prevent them getting this bad though.

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And people touch these and then touch their face and doors handles all day long.

Dirty keyboard in an office needs cleaning by Techclean
Clean keyboard after Techclean have cleaned it
Outrageously dirty keyboard before Techclean has cleaned it
Clean keyboard in Surrey after techclean have cleaned it


The result of many hours of hard work in an office.

Dirty mouse on computer before Techclean
Clean mouse after Techclean has cleaned it in an office in London
Mouse with fluff before Techclean cleans it
Clean mouse after computer cleaners Techclean have cleaned it


And people put these to their face.

Office telephone in Surrey before cleaning by Techclean team on site
clean phone after techclean keeping it from landfill for a few more years
Dirty phone handset
Phone cleaning service by Techclean for London and Surrey areas


Dust and dirt and germs build up in the grooves. We get it all clean, right down in the gaps with our special brushes, but without electrocuting ourselves or shorting out the keyboard.

Mice gather gunge in the cracks, we get it all out. Moisturiser and even hand sanitiser can make it worse

Imagine starting a job and taking over someone else's desk and being given this. Back like new now.

This is just typical 6 months worth of dust but a basically clean keyboard.


Imagine starting a new job and being given this

Manky computer screen yuk
Computer screen cleaning service by Techclean
Dusty computer base needs cleaning
Cleaned computer screen base