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Why Your Office Needs This

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

No-one wants to be throwing away plastic unnecessarily. If your office is keeping their IT tech longer but it is disgusting to use and people haven't got the time or know-how on cleaning it, then you need this...

Get rid of the germs and bacteria, get the sticky stuff that has built up off, get the staples and bits if nails and skin that have fallen between the keys out. Get the greasey finger marks off the screen.

  • Reduce waste - save money, save the environment

  • Reduce sickness and spreading germs

  • Improve office morale and show you care

Want to see more? Look at these examples of before and after techclean worked on them.

Unfortunately can't get all the blue tack out of the speaker grid at the bottom, but I think you will agree the transformation is amazing and the staff member will be very happy and the screen will not need replacing for a long time yet.

This next one is brilliant one...

And this one makes me feel a bit sick. This person must be working super hard...

So if you want to keep your electronic equipment working longer, contact us at We are a national company with branches covering the UK, so if you aren't near London SW, one of our other branches can help you.