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Why is techclean eco-friendly for your I.T.?

On average, each Briton throws away between 44lbs and 55lbs (20 and 25kg) of e-waste such as phones, computers and electronics each year. Most of the refuse ends up in landfills or is incinerated or simply piles up unused in some corner of the office.

It is the world's fastest growing waste problem. We are aware of the WEEE regulations regarding office waste, but hearing David Attenborough speak recently again about pressure on our planet's resources, can we go further and reduce the waste in the first place?

Most of it is plastic and therefore will last a very long time. So why throw it away at all? This mountain of digital debris is bad for the planet and we are also inadvertently throwing away precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum used in the manufacture of microchips and motherboards.

As we move to a more digital world we need to find ways of making this sustainable. As software has moved to the cloud, there is no longer the necessity to upgrade every part of your PC every 2-3 years. A keyboard is the same as it always was and can last for 20 years if you look after it. Admittedly some cheap ones have printing that wears off over time, but an office standard keyboard and mouse has no need to be replaced. When they get dirty, clean them don't chuck them.

Staff don't like cleaning their computers, they should be too busy to do that anyway. You want them focused on efficient working. As a responsible employer you provide them with the appropriate work environment. When the computers need cleaning every few months you can get techclean in to provide computer cleaning for them. It's a treat for them, shows you care and keeps your I.T. kit going longer.

Prices for I.T. kit have got so cheap now, it is easy to just throw them away and get new ones. But should you? Water bottles are cheap but we are all trying to stop using them. Bags are cheap, but we all try to save that 5p and resist using new plastic bags at the supermarket. You can do the same at your work. A year's worth of plastic bags is probably about the same volume as the plastic in one PC. We all balk at throwing away that many plastic bags now. You can do the same for your PCs.

At present you probably do need to upgrade your phone. We understand. You do not need to keep buying new mice and keyboards and desk telephones though. Once you get to two nice flat screens, you don't really need to be buying new of those either. We can clean them. The number one aim for helping the environment is "Re-use", before "recycle". Use it as long as you can, we can make them spick and span again.

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