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Why is dust removal so important for a server room?

Dust and dirt are two of the biggest enemies in a data centre

•They force greater energy use

•They clog fans

•They get into computers

•They collect and are a fire hazard

•They are created by equipment

•They are introduced through people

“1 hour of downtime can cost from £50,000 to £500,000”

(IBM Today)

The number of data centres with contamination-related failures is on the rise according to major I.T. equipment manufacturers. Contamination is simply dirt where you don't want it. Most dirt particles are not visible to us, and most dirt/dust particles come from humans, mostly carried in on wheels or feet.

Prevention is better than cure, but it usually isn't feasible to never go into your server room. Effective cleaning is essential.

Email for a quote today to give yours a deep clean or call 0208 224 0455. Offices all over the UK. (see for your nearest branch or call head office in the Midlands on 01530 513305)

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