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Techclean Mentors Engineering Students at Kingston University

Techclean has been mentoring students at Kingston University for 5 years now. We want students to complete their degrees with the best possible results and enter the workforce as prepared as they can be. This is the nearest University to our office, so we are glad to be able to help. We know that career prospects for students are greatly improved if they have the life skills needed to succeed in the workplace, know what will be expected of them and know how to meet these expectations. The Beyond Barriers Mentoring Scheme at KU for under-represented second-year, third-year and postgraduates is designed to give students the confidence and skills to gain that all important graduate job, to address the BME attainment gap and to help develop techniques to enhance studies.

Professionals are invited to offer support through one-to-one mentoring. As mentors we can offer impartial advice, encourage new experiences and positive choices and help to inspire self-confidence.

Mentoring the next generation helps us to understand those in the younger, less experienced part of the IT industry and keeps us up to date with issues for younger workers. It helps us to reflect on best practice and widens our understanding as well as allowing us to practice inter-personal skills and provide the satisfaction of helping someone else.

The benefits for mentorees include:

  • Provides impartial advice and encouragement

  • Develops a supportive relationship

  • Assists with problem solving

  • Improves self-confidence

  • Offers professional development

  • Encourages reflection on practice

We would highly recommend it.

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