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Example clean: Local school

We recently cleaned in a local school. Most staff are on laptops. Some laptops had been previously owned but not cleaned before handing on. One member of staff had tried cleaning their laptop but broke it and had to pay for it.

Above is a typical laptop before, and here it is after we cleaned it, which took about 10-15 mins.

Clearly looking a lot better and also more hygienic. Colds will be reduced this winter, which we all know are rife in schools. We remove crumbs and dust which helps it last longer and look better but we also deep clean with our ISO 9001 accredited cleaning fluids. We are trained to use the exact right amount, too much and the liquid would short out the computer (electricity and fluids don't mix) too little and it won't be clean. We have done bacterial and swab tests and developed methods that ensure germs, including all the dangerous ones, are reduced down to safe levels. Over time, germs and bacteria build up, from old bits of skin and fingernail, and from sneezing and coughing and eating at keyboards. That's what we are getting rid of.

Here is a mouse before (laptop not done yet, you can see the dirt)

And after...

We gradually worked our way round the school during the morning. It was a small school so we were done by lunchtime. If a teacher was in the middle of using theirs, we just went to the next and came back and in one instance we waited til break time. Others were keen not to have it done in break time because they needed it, so preferred a clean in class time. It can't be done in holidays because teachers are using their laptops and wouldn't want to be without them.

We were not left alone with any children at any point. We are used to tight security measures.

The school were delighted and we enjoyed being there and making such a difference. They'll have us back in 6 months when they'll need doing again.