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Prompt start at 9am. Today we are cleaning keyboards for EY in London.

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We have a view of the Dome and plenty of space to social distance. We wear our masks anyway. Most of us will put our headphones on in a couple of hours once we are in the flow.

Cleaning Keyboards and Headsets

Usually we clean computers on desks in situ. On this job, the keyboards have been boxed up. Due to Covid, almost everyone has been working from home so computer keyboards and mice and headsets were gathered in if not taken home. As people come back, they need cleaning as no-one wants an old looking keyboard or a headset someone else used. They are plastic and so once cleaned look new, but they do need the crumbs inside properly removing and the keys and cleaning thoroughly. 

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Before and after M (1).jpg
Before and after M (2).jpg

We will use specialist brushes to remove all crumbs and dirt before using detergents that are safe to use on I.T. equipment to remove all the germs as well, while not damaging the equipment.

Fixing feet on keyboards.jpg

EY have a few worn out or broken keyboards and so we are using those to fix the feet on others 

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The mice have been wound but are a little tangled and need separating before we clean. We will bag them (in recycled plastic bags as eco as we can but balancing that it is better to make it easy to reuse these mice) in tens and seal so they are easy to reissue after they have been cleaned. Normally we would clean in situ on people's desks.

Headset cases being cleaned.jpg

Headset cases are all cleaned and now waiting for headsets to be cleaned and packed in them.

keyboards packed in bags.jpg

Keyboards bagged after cleaning so they stay sterile and are as near to new as possible.

Office computer keyboards.jpg

Plenty more to go

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By the end of the day, we have done this....

Turned this....

Before and after 4 (1).jpg

into this....

Before and after 4 (2).jpg

This keyboard....

Before and after 3 (2).jpg

now looks like this....

Before and after 3 (1).jpg

Another keyboard looking like new...

Before and after 1 (2).jpg
Before and after 1 (1).jpg

Hard to believe these are the same keyboards. No photoshop. See it for yourself in your office.

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Before and after 2 (1).jpg
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